Madyson Velez



High Concept Trouble
Star Student of the Penrith Academy Forbidden Knowledge


"Friends" With Everyone A Face For Every Occasion Mother to Mutants


Physical 1 2 3
Mental 1 2  
Wealth 1 2  


Talk (+1) Fame (+2) Companion (+3)
Agriculture 0 Alertness 1 Ancient Tech.  0
Athletics 1 Burglary 0 Contacts 5
Deceit 4 Empathy 5 Entertain 4
History 0 Investigate 0 Medical 1
Melee Weapons 2 Military Info. 0 Monster Lore 0
Physique 2 Provoke 3 Ranged Weapons 0
Rapport  5 Religion  0 Resources  2
Science  0 Stealth 0 Will 1
Zoology 0        


Rustic Charm You suffer no increased difficulty on Rapport rolls due to your social class. 
International Your mastery of etiquette leaves you comfortable, and even glib, in any situation. You never suffer any increased difficulty from unfamiliarity with your setting, making it easy to maneuver through local customs you haven’t encountered before and to cover up any gaffes with a laugh and a sparkle in your eye.
Not A Threat (Deceive)  Choose Deceive or Stealth when you take this stunt. When you create an advantage with that skill to make yourself as non-threatening or unobtrusive as possible, enemies will find other targets for as long as that aspect exists. As soon as you successfully attack someone, the aspect goes away.
Scary You are just someone people don’t want to cross, and that’s clear even to other intimidating folks. You may use Provoke instead of Will to defend against Provoke.
Smooth Over You’re adept at stepping into a bad situation and dialing it down to something more reasonable. So long as you are not the direct reason someone is upset, your attempts to calm them down using your Rapport receive a +2 bonus. 


Floating Aspect
Big Payout From Brian



Madyson Velez

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